Prep Time: 25 min.

These Tomato Cauldrons are perfect as a fun, healthy snack or appetizer for Halloween. Fill them with mozzarella and basil, as I have done, and top with balsamic glaze. To make them even more terrifying, you could fill them with ‘eyeballs’ using mozzarella and a slice of black olive.

What you need


1. Create a handle on the top part of the grape tomatoes by making two parallel cuts from the top and then about halfway down.

2. Now cut at a right angle from each side of the tomato towards the two lines you made. Remove both sides.

3. Trim along the inside of the handle.

4. Cut away the inside of the tomato to make room for your filling.

5. Fill it with balsamic glaze, bocconcini and basil.

6. Serve.