Prep Time: 5 min.

For a quick and easy Valentine’s treat, try these 5-minute Marshmallow Roses, which are sure to impress. These roses make a beautiful and tasty addition to any Valentine’s board or hot chocolate station. You can also stick them on long skewers with a bow for a charming bouquet.

What you need


1. Use scissors to make five angled cuts (petals) about 2-3 cm long (1 inch) along the bottom third of a marshmallow. 

2. Now, work up to the marshmallow's middle and cut five petals between the previous ones.

3. Repeat with the last third of the marshmallow.

4. Finally, make three deep cuts on top of the marshmallow, while turning it.

5. Use your fingers to gently pull out all the petals.

6. Serve.


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