Frequently asked questions

  • What inspired you to start Foodbites?

    When I started my Instagram account in 2016, it was intended to motivate me to eat more healthily. I’ve always loved art, being creative, and food, so I guess that’s why my feed eventually evolved into all the fun food it is today.

  • Where do you find your inspiration?

    I get most of my ideas when I’m out on my walks or when it’s quiet around me. I also love scrolling through pictures of animals, cakes, nature, architecture, patterns, crafts, etc. Ideas can pop up anywhere.

  • Where do you get your candy eyes?

    I've linked them for you in my Shop. You can also make the eyes using white and dark chocolate. For savory recipes, try mozzarella or another white cheese, and black olives or sesame seeds for the pupils.

  • What chocolate do you use?

    I usually choose good-quality baking chocolate. Alternatively, I use a dark chocolate bar with up to 70% cocoa solids, but it takes longer to set.

  • What is the best way to melt dark chocolate?

    You can melt chocolate in a bain marie (water bath), microwave it, or put it directly in a pot on low heat while stirring (this is usually what I do).

  • What’s the piping tool you use for the chocolate in many of your posts?

    It’s called a Lekue Decopen and it's excellent for precise piping (I've linked it in my Shop). It’s effortless to use, just be sure not to overfill it. A sealable freezer bag works fine too.

  • You use so many cookie cutters in your posts. If I don’t have any, can I still make them?

    Absolutely. I use cookie cutters to make my creations as precise as possible. That said, it’s often the same 8-10 cutters I use on rotation (a 24 piece tin set that I've linked for you in my Shop). You can definitely cut things by hand, too.

  • I tried to make one of your recipes, but it took much longer than the Prep Time you provided, why is that?

    I include a rough estimate of the time the recipe will take for each creation. I realize everyone works at a different pace - even some days, I work slower than others. So please bear in mind, it’s only meant to give you an approximate indication.

  • What do you hope people will gain from visiting your site?

    Nothing makes me happier than receiving messages from a mom or dad saying they love looking at my feed with their kids. Or that they’ve made something for a birthday party or dinner party inspired by me and that it was a success. I love that it can bring people together that way.