Prep Time: 25 min.

Dark chocolate and blueberry hedgehogs make a delicious and cute treat. They are perfect to include on dessert platters, in lunchboxes or as an after-school snack. You can use any berries you like and any chocolate, too.

What you need


1. Melt the dark chocolate.

2. Add it to a piping utensil or a bag.

3. Pipe the chocolate onto parchment paper in a water drop shape with a point at one end.

4. Place the round sprinkle on the pointy end for the snout.

5. Top with candy eyes. I added two, but you can add one to make the hedgehogs in profile.

6. Now, top the body with blueberries. I chose ones that were similar in size.

7. Allow to set.


The piping utensil and candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.