Prep Time: 20 min.

Step up your appetizer game with this adorable Clover Cucumber Crostini recipe with garlic cream cheese (I used Boursin) and cucumber.

It's a refreshing twist on the classic cucumber sandwich, perfect for picnics and outdoor entertaining.

To make these, fry thin slices of baguette golden on both sides in a hot pan. Top with the cream cheese mixture and arrange four cucumber hearts into a clover. For a fun detail, you could add chopped fresh dill weed for 'grass' underneath the clover.

Nothing goes to waste, either. You can fill the cut-out cucumber slices with a little heart-shaped cheddar cheese for a quick and delicious canapé. 

Or serve the cutouts plain as I have done. Either way, your friends and family will love their turn of luck!



1. Slice the baguette thinly.

2. Add butter to a medium-hot pan.

3. Place the bread slices in the pan and let it sizzle until golden.

4. Turn the bread over until browned.

5. Remove from the pan and let cool.

6. Spread cream cheese (or Boursin) on the crostini.

7. Slice the cucumber.

8. Use the heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out the cucumber hearts.

9. Arrange four cucumber hearts in a clover shape on top of the boursin.

10. Cut a stem out of cucumber and place it between two cucumber hearts.

11. Serve.


The heart-shaped cookie cutter is part of a set and linked in my Shop.