Prep Time: 30 min.

Try these impressive Daisy Sandwich Appetizers with Swiss cheese, Mortadella, cream cheese, and cherry tomatoes for the ultimate party food. All you need is a flower-shaped cookie cutter, and you are already on your way to making adorable mini sandwiches your friends and family will love.

These delicious sandwiches are suitable to make in advance for easy entertaining. And like any recipe, feel free to swap out the ingredients with what you have on hand: ham, cheddar, avocado, cucumber, chicken, or whatever you like!

Nothing needs to go to waste, either. Just cut up those odd pieces of toast you have left over, toss some butter in a hot pan, and fry them golden with your favorite dried spices (I like to use garlic powder and Italian spices). They make the perfect croutons for your next salad.



1. Toast the bread.

2. Use the flower cutter to shape the bread.

3. Spread some butter onto the toast flowers.

4. Shape the cheese and Mortadella into flowers (I folded the sausage to double it up).

5. Place the cheese and Mortadella onto the buttered flowers.

6. Top with another flower-shaped toast.

7. Add cream cheese to the top toast. Use a knife to shape cream cheese petals.

8. Place a halved yellow cherry tomato in the center.

9. Stick a skewer in each daisy sandwich.

10. Trim the top hollow part of the spring onions.

11. Slide these over each skewer.

12. Arrange basil for leaves and serve.


The butter knife and flower cutter I use are linked in my Shop.