Prep Time: 45 min.

Instead of real flowers, try this delightful and edible bouquet for your loved ones on Valentine's Day or other special occasions.

What you need


1. Slice the fruit into equally thick pieces.

2. Cut 6 petals and 1 round center for each flower you make.

3. Melt the dark chocolate.

4. Once the chocolate has cooled down a bit, add it to a piping bag and pipe out the stems onto parchment paper. You can add a few chocolate leaf details too.

5. When the chocolate has set, arrange the flowers and top with candy eyes and a curved sprinkle for the mouth. 

6. To make the bee, use a small petal-shaped cookie cutter and mango. For the wings, I used a metal straw and for the stripes a tiny bit of plum peel (you can use chocolate too). Top with a small candy eye.


The cookie cutters, candy eyes and piping utensil are all linked in my Shop.