Prep Time: 20 min.

These delicious Chocolate Blueberry Treats will be your go-to Summer snacks and a healthy dessert idea you can enjoy on repeat.

You only need two ingredients to make this easy recipe: dark chocolate and blueberries.

The chocolate-covered blueberries are then shaped into adorable flowers, which you can serve as they are, or top onto cakes and chocolate bark.

Try this sweet treat straight from the freezer, or stick them on a skewer with your favorite fruits for a healthy and colorful fruit kebab.



Makes 8-12 (depending on the size of your blueberries).

1. Melt the dark chocolate.

2. Pour the melted chocolate into a shallow bowl.

3. Select the biggest berries (these are for the center of the flowers). Arrange them individually on parchment paper with space around them.

4. For the outer part of each flower, choose berries of similar size (I used either 6 or 7).

5. Dip each blueberry into the melted chocolate with a fork.

6. Tap off the excess.

7. Arrange the chocolate-covered berries around the larger middle berry. Do ensure all the berries are connected so they hold together.

8. Leave to set.

9. Serve.