Prep Time: 60 min.

Halloween treats that are healthy, too, featuring Mummy Pears, Kiwi Aliens, Pretzel Bones, Apple Teeth, Melon and Mango Ghosts.

What you need


Instructions for the Mummy Pears:

1. Melt the white chocolate. 

2. Place the white chocolate in a piping utensil / bag.

3. Halve the pears and place them on parchment paper.

4. Pipe the chocolate back and forth to mimic the mummy bandages.

5. Top with candy eyes.

Instructions for the Kiwi Aliens:

1. Peel the kiwis and halve them lengthwise.

2. Place three candy eyes on top.

Instructions for the Pretzel Bones:

1. Melt the white chocolate.

2. Pour the melted white chocolate into a small bowl.

3. Halve the pretzel sticks and dip them into the white chocolate.

4. Once covered in chocolate, tap the excess off and place it on parchment paper.

5. Dip two round sprinkles for each side in chocolate and attach these to one end of the pretzel. Repeat on the other side.

6. Allow to set.

Instructions for the Apple Teeth:

1. Cut the apple so you have several small slices.

2. Use some melted white chocolate to pipe teeth on parchment paper.

3. Allow to set and place between the apple slices.

Instructions for the Melon & Mango Ghosts:

1. Slice the watermelon, cantaloupe and mango.

2. Use the Pac-Man cutter to shape the ghosts.

3. Dry the fruit with a kitchen towel.

4. Top with candy eyes.

Arrange on a platter and serve.


You can use peanut butter between the Apple Teeth to stick the white chocolate teeth in.

The Pac-Man cookie cutter, candy eyes and piping utensil I use are all linked in my Shop.