Prep Time: 60 min.

This fun-filled and healthy Thanksgiving platter uses various fruits and vegetables to create Pear Drumsticks, Kiwi Pilgrims, Blackberry Acorns, Cantaloupe Autumn Leaves and Pear & Kiwi Turkeys.

What you need


Drumstick instructions:

1. Trim the bottom stalk off the pear.

2. Make a hole with a metal straw where the stalk used to be.

3. Melt the white chocolate.

4. Once the chocolate has melted, insert the pretzel stick and make sure it’s covered in chocolate.

5. Remove the stick using a fork and shake off the excess chocolate.

6. Place the stick on parchment paper.

7. Dip the round sprinkles or hazelnuts into the chocolate, and place them on the bottom of the pretzel stick, one on each side.

8. Allow to harden.

9. Once set, insert the stick into the bottom of the pear.

10. Top with candy eyes and the curved sprinkle for the mouth. (you can use edible glue or some of the melted white chocolate to make it all stick).

Kiwi pilgrims instructions:

1. Halve a kiwi lengthwise.

2. Use a knife to cut the outline of the hat.

3. Melt the white chocolate. 

4. Using a toothpick, trace the hat band with the chocolate.

5. Top with a thin piece of mango, shaped as a rectangle (be sure to dab it dry with a piece of kitchen towel, so it will stick properly to the white chocolate).

Kiwi Turkeys instructions:

1. Peel the kiwi (I use a potato peeler).

2. Use the flower cookie cutter to make the carrot feathers. Secure with toothpicks.

3. Cut some apple peel into a teardrop shape for the wattle (the red bit under the beak).

4. Make a triangle out of yellow pepper for the beak.

5. Assemble the turkey and top it with candy eyes.

Pear Turkeys instructions:

1. Halve the pear.

2. Use the round cutter to make carrot and yellow pepper ‘feathers’. Secure with toothpicks.

3. Make the feet using a small flower cookie cutter. Trim off the bottom with the round cutter.

4. Cut a triangle out of the carrot for the beak.

5. Make the wattle out of apple peel.

6. Assemble the turkey and top it with candy eyes. You can secure the feet, beak and eyes using edible glue or melted white chocolate.

Blackberry Acorns instructions:

1. Dip blackberries in melted white chocolate. Allow to set and dip again.

2. Top with a sprinkle.

Cantaloupe Leaves instructions:

1. Slice the cantaloupe thinly.

2. Use a leaf cutter to shape the leaves.


Be sure to remove the toothpicks before eating.

The cookie cutters I use are linked in my Shop.