Prep Time: 25 min.

Wow your friends and family this Thanksgiving with these tasty and adorable turkey croustades filled with garlic cream cheese and topped with carrot. 

What you need


1. Peel and discard the outer layer of a carrot. 

2. Continue peeling into equally long pieces.

3. Trim each strip of carrot so it is straight. You will need three strips of carrot for each turkey.

4. Fill the croustades to one side with garlic cream cheese.

5. Fold three strips over themselves and place them next to each other in the croustade on the side with cream cheese. This will ensure they stay in place.

6. Cover the remaining croustade with cream cheese.

7. Make the turkey’s beak by trimming a rectangle out of carrot.

8. Use red pepper to cut a long wattle (the red part next to the beak).

9. Top with candy eyes, the beak and the wattle.


If you prefer not to use candy eyes, you can replace with sesame seeds or tiny round pieces of cucumber peel.