Prep Time: 50 min.

Fighting over the dip is a thing of the past with these Individual Turkey Crudité Dip Bowls. They are a great way to keep all your guests happy. You can fill them with carrots, red peppers and breadsticks as I’ve done, or use any vegetables, cheese, pita bread or even chicken nuggets. Adjust the size to accommodate kids and adults by using big or small bowls - you could also make one large sharing-size bowl.

What you need


1. Mix the sour cream (creme fraiche) with sea salt, white pepper, onion powder, dill powder and garlic.

2. Fill the dip and hummus into separate bowls.

3. Slice a carrot and use the flower cutter for the turkey’s feet. Trim the flower into a rounded shape with the round cutter.

4. Cut carrot slices and red pepper into feathers using the large petal-shaped cutter. You can use the same cutter to make smaller feathers, too.

5. Trim the turkey’s wattle (the red thing) out of red pepper.

6. Cut a triangle for the beak out of carrot.

7. Top the bowls with breadsticks, carrot and red pepper feathers.

8. Add on candy eyes (or make eyes out of cucumber peel and a metal straw)

9. Arrange the beak, the wattle and the feet.

10. Serve.


To save time, just cut the red pepper and carrots into long batons and skip the feathers part.

The cookie cutters and candy eyes are linked in my Shop.