Prep Time: 30 min.

You only need three ingredients to make these adorable baby turtles, which are sure to sure a smile on everyone's face. The turtles look super cute on top of a cake, meringue, fruit platters, or you can just enjoy them as they are.

What you need


1. Melt the dark chocolate.

2. Place the slightly cooled melted chocolate in a piping utensil or bag.

3. Halve your strawberries.

4. Trace around the strawberry on a piece of baking parchment (you can use edible pens for this if you prefer - I use a pencil and reverse the paper).

5. Put the strawberry aside and pipe the head and legs onto your traced berry. Ensure to pipe some of the chocolate underneath the berry, so that the chocolate will stick to it.

6. Dry the strawberry on some kitchen towel and place it onto the chocolate.

7. Add the candy eyes.

8. Allow the chocolate to set.


The piping utensil I use is linked in my Shop.