Prep Time: 15 min.

For an easy lunch or appetizer idea, you've got to try these fun Spicy Salami Pinwheels rolled into delicate roses. 

They are pretty, taste delicious, and are perfectly bite-sized. Your friends and family will love them!

This salami pinwheel recipe is ideal for school lunchboxes or picnics - and would make a great party appetizer. 

You only need a few ingredients: flour tortilla wraps, full-fat cream cheese, Italian spicy salami, and mild red cheddar.



1. Spread cream cheese onto a tortilla.

2. Cut the tortilla into strips.

3. Trim red cheddar into strips.

4. Halve the salami slices.

5. Top a tortilla strip with red cheddar.

6. Place three overlapping salami halves along the tortilla strip so the top of the salami sticks out.

7. Roll together two salami halves to make a little rose.

8. Place the rose on the right side of the tortilla and roll it (rose first) into a pinwheel. Some of the salami or cheese may extend out from the wheel. Secure this with cream cheese or cut it off.

9. Stick a basil leaf at the end of the pinwheel (you can secure the toothpick if the cream cheese won't hold it together).