Prep Time: 25 min.

These delicious stuffed mini peppers, made to look like carrots and filled with spicy chili hummus, are the cutest Easter appetizer. This recipe is an easy and fun savory snack and a great alternative to cream cheese stuffed peppers.

If you are not a fan of anything spicy, try goat cheese, salsa, whipped feta, or even a cream cheese mixture with bacon or any shredded cheese you like.

These mini peppers can easily be made beforehand to enjoy that extra time with friends and family. All you need to do is prepare the peppers, the eyes, and the mouth. Then, wait with the filling and assembly until your guests arrive.

What you need


1. Halve the sweet peppers lengthwise.

2. Remove the seeds.

3. Fill the void with chili hummus.

4. Slice the cucumber.

5. Use the medium and small flower cutters to make the carrot tops.

6. Place the cucumber tops onto the pepper carrots.

7. Make the eyes with cheddar cheese and a mini petal cutter.

8. Use cucumber peel and a metal straw for pupils.

9. Arrange the eyes.

10. Make the smiles with cucumber peel.

11. Arrange the carrots on a platter.

12. Serve.


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