Prep Time: 30 min.

It doesn’t get cuter than these watermelon matchsticks. Serve them as is or enjoy them with a delicious, healthy three-ingredient yogurt dip. For special occasions, you can top the dip with text written with ruby white chocolate like I have.

What you need


Matchstick instructions:

1. Cut the watermelon in slices.

2. Halve the slice so it resembles a half-moon.

3. Cut the half-moon slice across (from one curved edge to the other) into thin sticks (approximately 1 cm.), removing the very outer curved pieces.

4. Halve each stick, and then halve each stick again and again, until you are left with matchsticks about 3-4 mm.

5. Arrange the fruit.

Yogurt dip instructions:

1. Mix the Greek yogurt with the vanilla paste.

2. Add honey to taste.