Prep Time: 30 min.

Traditional Danish Christmas woven heart decorations inspired these fun and festive cheese sandwiches. You can use any bread you like and any flat, hard cheese, ham, or salami, too. Serve them at Christmas lunches, and if you want to be even more Danish, there is always schnapps (or not).



1. Use the heart-shaped cutter to shape the rye bread.

2. Spread some cream cheese on the rye heart.

3. Cut the top rounded section of the hearts out of white and red cheddar slices using the heart-shaped cutter. You need one of each color for every sandwich (I used a Pac-Man ghost cutter I had for this as it was rounder at the top than my heart cutter).

4. Now, cut smaller squares out of the cheese. I had 16 squares of cheese for each heart, but you might only need 9 if your square-shaped cutter is larger than mine.

5. Place the cheese squares onto the rye hearts. First, place a red cheese square, then the white, in rows.

6. On the next row, change the order, so white squares first, then red.

7. When you have filled the space with the mini squares, add the top sections of the heart and then serve.


Another way to make this is to trim off the top rounded sections of the red and white cheese hearts, leaving you with a square. Then, cut this square into smaller squares and place them interchangeably.

The cookie cutters are part of a set, and linked in my Shop.