Prep Time: 30 min.

Being Scandinavian, we love starting dinner with a huge plate of smoked salmon sandwiches for special occasions. They are always gone in no time. That was the inspiration behind this Christmas tree idea made with garlic cream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber. 



1. Cut the crusts off the toast (you can use these to make croutons for soups, salads, etc).

2. Spread butter or cream cheese on half the toast.

3. Top with smoked salmon and dill.

4. Use a vegetable grater or mandolin to slice the cucumber.

5. Place the cucumber in a row, overlapping each other.

6. Lay the toast on top.

7. Trim the cucumber to fit the toast. Flip over using a spatula.

8. Place the cucumber toast on top of the smoked salmon halves.

9. Cut into triangles.

10. Assemble the triangles to look like a Christmas tree.

11. Top with cucumber baubles, a yellow pepper star and a cucumber trunk.


If you are making these sandwiches ahead of time, squeeze some lemon juice on top and store them in the fridge.

The star-shaped cookie cutter is linked in my Shop.