Prep Time: 20 min.

Try this easy recipe for Watermelon Chocolate Roses for a sweet and healthy treat that only requires two ingredients and no baking.

Serve these elegant chocolate-covered watermelon bites as they are or as part of a dessert or fruit platter.

You'll need a mandolin or vegetable peeler to make thin strips of watermelon. Roll the strips tightly into a cute little rose, and then place them into chocolate to set. Use a mini muffin form, so the roses hold their shape.

For a fun twist, skip the chocolate and squeeze lime or lemon juice into the bottom of the muffin forms. Top with the watermelon roses and then freeze them. Once frozen, add them to your summer cocktails and mocktails instead of ice cubes. So fun!



1. Halve the watermelon.

2. Slice the sides off so you have a piece of watermelon about 4 cm wide (1.5 inches).

3. Trim off the rind.

4. Use a mandolin to slice thin strips of the watermelon.

5. Cut these in half widthwise.

6. Roll the watermelon pieces tightly together one by one until you have a watermelon rose.

7. Dry the rose on a piece of kitchen towel.

8. Use the heart-shaped cutter to make the outer petals out of a strip of watermelon. Make sure these petals are straight at the bottom.

9. Melt the white chocolate.

10. Add the melted chocolate to a piping utensil / bag (or use a spoon).

11. Line a mini muffin tin.

12. Pipe or dollop the white chocolate into the bottom of the liners.

13. Stick the watermelon roses on top of the chocolate.

14. Place the heart-shaped petals on the outer edge of the roses. Ensure they are resting in the chocolate at the bottom of the liner.

15. Allow the chocolate watermelon roses to set. You can also put them in the freezer for 5 minutes.

16. Top with a mint leaf (optional).

17. Serve.


The mini muffin tin I use is linked in my Shop.