Prep Time: 30 min.

If you’re looking for a cute way to style an everyday salad, this is it. You could also just serve the mozzarella polar bear with toasted bread instead if you prefer.

What you need


Polar Bear Instructions:

1. Stack one of the fresh mozzarella balls on top of the other (ideally, one is a bit smaller than the other. If not, you can turn the top one slightly so it looks smaller).

2. You can use a cocktail stick to hold the cheeses in place if they are wobbly.

3. Use the round cutter to make the cheddar feet, arms and face.

4. For the inside of the feet, trim two smaller cucumber circles using the small round cutter.

5. Use the oval shape to make the cheddar ears (cut the oval in half lengthwise and you have two ears).

6. Trim a piece of cucumber skin into a smaller oval shape to make the inside of the ears.

7. Trim a piece of cucumber skin into a small triangle for the nose. Place this on the round cheddar nose piece.

8. Cut a long, approximately 1mm x 4mm piece for the mouth. Place this underneath the triangle for the mouth.

9. Use a metal straw to make the cucumber skin eyes.

10. Assemble the bear. Stick the round arms in between the two mozzarella balls. You may need to secure the ears with small toothpick ends.

Cucumber Fish Instructions:

1. Use the fish-shaped cutter to make cucumber fish.

2. For the cucumber skin eyes, you can use a metal straw.

Salad Instructions:

1. Halve the cherry tomatoes.

2. Arrange the polar bear, tomatoes and cucumber fish.

3. Top with olive oil, salt and pepper.


Be sure to remove the cocktail stick and toothpick ends before eating. 

I've linked all the cookie cutters I used for this post in my Shop.