Prep Time: 25 min.

Surprise your Valentine with this adorable Love Letter Salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, feta and basil. Serve it as a fun starter or a side salad, and try it with watermelon and mint, too.

What you need


1. Place the block of feta in the center of your serving plate.

2. Cut out the feta at a slant using a sharp knife to resemble an envelope.

3. Halve the tomatoes.

4. Arrange the tomatoes around the cheese.

5. Cover with finely chopped red onion.

6. Mix together the ingredients for the dressing: olive oil, white wine vinegar, honey, sea salt and pepper.

7. Pour the dressing on top of the tomatoes and red onion.

8. Slice the red pepper and use the heart-shaped cutter to make a heart.

9. Place the heart on the center of the feta envelope.

10. Top with basil leaves and serve.


The heart-shaped cookie cutter is part of a set, and linked in my Shop.