Prep Time: 20 min.

Make the most out of your fresh fruits with this healthy snack that is anything but boring. 

You only need kiwi, grapes, and white chocolate to make creative fruit turtles, which look irresistible huddled together on a platter.

This tasty fruit arrangement is so easy to make that you can even get the kids to help. 

It's perfect for Earth Day, St Patrick's Day, and themed birthday parties. And I bet your kids will be thrilled if you add one to a lunchbox or serve it as a sweet afternoon treat.

You can easily make these turtles in advance, just store them in the fridge. And if you aren't a huge fan of kiwi, use strawberries or Granny Smith apples instead.



1. Peel the kiwi and slice them (the slices need to be about the same thickness as the grapes you are using).

2. Halve the grapes (ideally, these will have an oblong shape).

3. Melt the white chocolate.

4. Add the chocolate to a piping utensil / bag.

5. Pipe a dollop of chocolate onto parchment paper, then pipe a hollow, circular shape underneath.

6. Dry the fruit off on a piece of kitchen towel.

7. Place the kiwi slice on top of the circular-shaped chocolate. You want the chocolate to extend out underneath the kiwi to keep the grapes in place.

8. Add a whole grape onto the dollop you made for the head (the grapes I used for this were rounder).

9. Arrange four halved grapes for legs symmetrically around the sides of the kiwi, with the cut side of the grapes facing inwards.

10. Use white chocolate as glue to stick candy eyes on top of the head.

11. Allow to set.

12. Serve.


I've linked the mini candy eyes I used and the piping utensil in my Shop.