Prep Time: 25 min.

If you want a festive appetizer idea, check out these adorable Easter Bunny Mozzarella Crostini. They’re baguette slices toasted golden in a buttered pan, topped with spicy chili hummus, creamy fresh mozzarella shaped into bunnies, and a red cheddar and dill carrot.

They are the perfect savory starter for your Easter get-togethers and a great option to try something different than the usual caprese. Feel free to swap the hummus with basil pesto or guacamole, and use cheddar, feta, or goat cheese in place of the mozzarella.

Do you want to prep these ahead of time? No problem. Make the bunny cutouts and store these in the fridge. Prepare the crispy crostini, and once you're ready for the final assembly, top them with hummus and the rest of the ingredients. Delicious!

What you need


1. Slice the bread and heat a skillet on medium-high heat.

2. Place a tbsp of butter in the pan, and when it’s bubbly, add the baguette slices.

3. Once the slices are browned on one side (should take about 2-3 minutes), turn over and brown on the other side.

4. Allow to cool.

5. Slice the mozzarella.

6. Shape the bunny bodies using the large round cutters and the face with the medium-sized cutter.

7. Cut out the ears with the small petal-shaped cutter.

8. Halve the petal shape to make two ears.

9. Spread chili hummus on top of the crostini.

10. Arrange the cheese bunnies on the crostini.

11. Use sesame seeds for the eyes and nose.

12. Make the carrots with the carrot cutter and red cheddar slices.

13. Add a small sprig of dill for the carrot top.

14. Place the cheese carrot on top of the bunny. 

15. Sprinkle with sea salt and serve.


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