Prep Time: 20 min.

You can’t go wrong with these spooky (yet tasty) Halloween cheddar brooms. 

What you need


1. Cut the cheese into little blocks. Mine were about 5 cm. x 2 cm. (2 inches x 0.8 inches). I find it helps to shape the cheese if it has come down to room temperature slightly.

2. Trim broom bristles into the bottom half of the block. I made two or three cuts across on both sides.

3. Use a metal straw at the top of the block to create a hole. The cheese should come out with the straw if you move it back and forth gently.

4. Insert the pretzel stick carefully into the hole.

5. Fan out the bristles of the cheese.

6. Top with candy eyes (I just placed mine on but you can secure it with edible glue if you prefer).

7. You can add a curved sprinkle for the smile.


The candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.