Prep Time: 60 min.

Try this chocolate lace detailing if you want a beautiful way to serve watermelon. You can also use this technique to make calligraphy initials or text for birthdays or Mother's Day /Father's Day.

What you need


1. Slice the watermelon and cut it into six equal-sized pieces.

2. Dab the pieces dry with a kitchen towel. This will ensure the chocolate won’t dissolve as fast.

3. Melt the chocolate. 

4. Add the chocolate to a piping utensil /bag.

5. Trace the size of each watermelon piece onto baking parchment.

6. Shape the chocolate details, as you wish, onto the parchment within the space available. You can use any lace design as inspiration. For example, you can make doodles or lines like I did. Anything goes.

7. Allow to set.

8. Lift the set chocolate carefully onto the watermelon pieces and serve.


The piping utensil I use is linked in my Shop.