Prep Time: 50 min.

This was created to celebrate the family unit, but it would work equally well to honor a parent or sibling for Mother’s Day / Father’s Day or birthdays.

What you need


1. Use the round cutter to make the faces out of cantaloupe.

2. Shape the arms and legs, also out of cantaloupe.

3. Cut slices of fruit and shape the various clothes to match what your family would wear.

4. Use sprinkles for the hair or yellow watermelon.

5. To make the cantaloupe polka dots, use a metal straw.

6. Assemble and top with candy eyes.

7. Add curved sprinkles for the mouth.


I didn’t make shoes, but you could shape these out of dark or white chocolate if you want.

The cookie cutter, metal straw and candy eyes are linked in my Shop.