Prep Time: 30 min.

This may be the cheesiest way I can think of to serve your watermelon. Think thin pieces of watermelon shaped into cheese, topped with cheeky strawberry mice, who honestly don’t mind sharing.

What you need


1. Cut four thin watermelon slices and trim the sides to make squares.

2. Use a small glass and a metal straw to shape the holes in the melon to resemble cheese.

3. To make the mice, cut a small strawberry in half widthwise. Arrange the halves with leaves on top of the cheese slices.

4. Using edible glue, stick a round chocolate sprinkle onto the pointy end of the other half of the strawberry to make the nose.

5. Add two long white sprinkles on each side of the nose for the whiskers.

6. Stick on candy eyes.

7. Cut off 1/3 of a white chocolate disc and stick the larger piece on using edible glue for the ears.

8. Arrange the mice onto the watermelon cheese and serve.


The edible glue and candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.