Prep Time: 20 min.

This Oyster and Pearl Duo is perfect for Mermaid or Ocean-themed birthday parties. It would also work well as a centerpiece on a fruit arrangement pretty much any time of the year.

What you need


1. Trace the curvy outline of the oyster’s mouth on the cantaloupe with a pencil.

2. Use a small knife to make the cut.

3. Scoop out any seeds with a spoon.

4. Use a melon baller to make a dragonfruit ball.

5. Top the dragonfruit ball with the small-sized candy eyes, and place it inside the melon.

6. Top the oyster cantaloupe with candy eyes.


If you can’t find dragonfruit you can use any light-colored fruit, i.e., honeydew, apple or pear.

The candy eyes and melon baller I use are linked in my Shop.