Prep Time: 20 min.

Surprise your loved ones with these adorable strawberry roses. They are delicious as they are or try dipping them in melted dark chocolate.

For the best results, choose berries with a pointy tip and a broad base. You can serve them as bouquets (like I have done) or place them in different-sized vases for a stunning display—perfect for Valentine's Day. You can even freeze the roses to add to drinks and ice cubes. 



1. Tie a bow around a skewer.

2. Wash and dry the strawberries.

3. Place a strawberry pointy side up on a surface.

4. Cut four petals on each of the rounded sides of the strawberry. Be sure to follow the curve and leave the bottom intact.

5. Use your fingers to curl the top of the petals outwards.

6. Repeat with the inside part of the strawberry, making four petals at each corner and curling the tops.

7. Finally, carve a v-shape out of the top of the strawberry.

8. Insert the skewer with a bow into the berry. 

9. Top the base of the strawberry roses with fresh basil to resemble leaves.

10. Serve with a bowl of melted dark chocolate.