Prep Time: 40 min.

Not sure which flower I was inspired by when I created this post, but it’s a delicious bouquet using watermelon and mango. Depending on who you’re making this for, you can add candy eyes or omit them.



1. Slice the watermelon into equally thick slices.

2. Use the large round cutter to make the fluted base of the flowers.

3. Slice thinner pieces of watermelon to make the petals and center (with the small round cutter).

4. Arrange the flowers on top of the base pieces.

5. Cut long thin strips of cucumber peel for the stem and leaves. Turn them over so they are a lighter color green.

6. Slice the mango so you have one larger rectangular piece and a smaller square piece for the pot.

7. Arrange the pot, stem and leaves.

8. Add candy eyes and curved chocolate sprinkles for the mouth.


The candy eyes and cookie cutters I use are linked in my Shop.