Prep Time: 30 min.

Give your pears a little Halloween transformation and make these friendly ghosts. 

What you need


1. Melt the white chocolate. 

2. Ensure the pears can stand upright. If they can’t, you can add a dollop of melted white chocolate onto parchment paper, top with the pear and then let it set.

3. Place the melted white chocolate in a piping utensil / bag.

4. Pipe the wavy ghost border onto the pears. 

5. Spoon over white chocolate to cover the rest of the pear toward the stem.

6. Add candy eyes and the dark chocolate disc mouth (you can trim the sides so it looks more oval-shaped).

7. Allow to set.


You can also use a curved sprinkle for the mouth, as I’ve done on the middle ghost.

The piping utensil and candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.