Prep Time: 20 min.

Let's make these cute 'carrot' appetizers with cucumber, whipped feta, cantaloupe, and basil. They're perfect for Springtime entertaining.

What you need


1. Slice the cucumber. Dry the sides on a piece of kitchen roll.

2. Make the whipped feta by blending the ingredients (feta, yogurt, garlic) until the consistency is smooth.

3. Add sea salt and pepper to taste.

4. Dollop the whipped feta onto the cucumber slices (you can also use olive tapenade instead, to make them look like carrots and soil).

5. Slice the melon.

6. Use the carrot cutter to shape the carrots out of the melon.

7. Make a hole with a toothpick at the top of the carrot. Insert a small group of basil leaves.

8. Top the cucumber and whipped feta with the melon carrots and serve.


A similar carrot cutter to the one I use is linked in my Shop.