Prep Time: 60 min.

Try this fun spin on food styling, using long cucumber strips to make the decorative details. You can use any vegetable or fruit that can be shaped into strips, i.e. cucumber, carrot, mango, cantaloupe or watermelon.

What you need


1. Cut the peel off a cucumber using a vegetable peeler. You will need four pieces for the part surrounding the apple. Do ensure they are the same length. You will also need one piece of cucumber peel to make the leaf.

2. Arrange the peel frame into the shape of an apple.

3. Continue peeling the cucumber flesh in long strips until you get to the seedy part.

4. You can trim the strips so they are as straight as possible.

5. Roll cucumber strips in various lengths into ‘roses’. Some can be rolled tightly and others looser.

6. Place the rolls inside the apple peel pieces, which will act as a frame and keep them in place.

7. Place the stalk at the top of the apple.

8. Arrange a smaller piece of cucumber peel to make the leaf frame.

9. Fill it with a bit of fleshy green pieces of cucumber.

10. Top with candy eyes.


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