Prep Time: 30 min.

Strawberries covered in white chocolate in the shape of ghosts who have seen ghosts? Just when I thought I’d seen it all.

What you need


1. Melt the white chocolate. 

2. Make a blob for each ghost that thins out using a small spoon and some parchment paper. This will be the bottom of the ghosts.

3. Place the rest of the melted chocolate into a small bowl, deep enough to fit your chosen strawberries.

4. Hold onto the top of the strawberry by the leaves.

5. Dip the majority of the berry into the melted white chocolate.

6. Place onto the blobs you created, top with candy eyes and sprinkles for eyelashes. Allow to set.

7. Press out the mouth using the metal straw once the chocolate has hardened.

8. Serve.


If you have any leftover white chocolate, you can store it in the bowl in the fridge to use another day. Alternatively, you can make white hot chocolate. Just top the leftover chocolate with warm milk.

The candy eyes and metal straws I use are linked in my Shop.