Prep Time: 25 min.

This avocado bunny couple, with their carrots, are so perfect for Easter. You could easily replace the carrots with real Easter chocolate eggs.

What you need


1. Halve the avocado.

2. Slice the back rounded piece off on both halves, about 1 cm. thick (⅓ inch).

3. Lay the slices flat on a hard surface. You will use this peel to make the avocado bunny details.

4. Cut out the bunny ears with the carrot part of the carrot cutter. Secure these to the top of the avocado with toothpicks.

5. Use the small oval cutter to trim the hands.

6. Shape the feet with the oval-shaped cutter.

7. Slice a piece of carrot. Use the carrot cutter to make the carrots.

8. Trim some cucumber peel to make the carrot leaves. Make a small hole in the top of the carrots using a toothpick, and insert the cucumber leaves.

9. Use the small round cutter to cut the avocado peel details on the feet.

10. Trim some avocado peel by hand to shape the nose detail.

11. Assemble the avocado bunnies and top with candy eyes.


Do remove the toothpicks prior to eating.

The candy eyes and cookie cutters are linked in my Shop.