Prep Time: 40 min.

Get everyone excited about Christmas and cheese with this cheery mozzarella snowman. Serve him as a festive appetizer with olive tapenade, pesto or even a tasty fig jam. If you can’t get your hands on cloves, you can use peppercorns or cucumber peel instead.

What you need


1. Let the mozzarella dry off on a kitchen towel.

2. Slice the bottom of a tomato.

3. Use a knife or spoon to remove the seeds.

4. Top the tomato with a half bocconcini to make the hat.

5. Place the smallest mozzarella on top of the largest on the serving platter you intend to use.

6. Push a canapé stick through the hat first and then the mozzarella to keep the snowman in place.

7. Insert six cloves in the top mozzarella in the shape of a mouth.

8. You need three cloves in the bottom mozzarella for the buttons.

9. Trim a small piece of carrot into a triangle for the nose.

10. Add the candy eyes (you can also use cloves).

11. Squeeze two basil leaves between the two cheeses to make a scarf.

12. Arrange crackers around the snowman and serve.


I've linked the candy eyes I use in my Shop.