Recipes with "crackers"

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  • Champagne Glass Crackers


    These tasty crackers with cheese are delicious, not to mention festive for Christmas, weddings, the 4th of July or New Year’s Eve.

  • Christmas Angel Appetizers


    Crackers, cream cheese and cucumber in the shape of an angel make the perfect Christmas appetizer.

  • Crudité Weave Canapés


    If you’re looking for a fun canapé to add to your dinner party rotation, try these weaved crudités. They’re healthy, delicious and bound to impress.

  • Spiderweb Breadsticks Platter


    Get your hands on a food-safe pen, and you can make this easy Halloween platter in no time.

  • Mr. Cheese Frost


    Get everyone excited about Christmas and cheese with this cheery mozzarella snowman. Serve him as a tasty appetizer with pesto, tapenade or fig jam.

  • The Cheddar Gift Platter


    There is always room for cheese with this delightful festive Cheddar Gift Platter. Serve it as is, with crackers or add to it your cheeseboard.