Prep Time: 60 min.

With a little something for everyone, these strawberry and chocolate love bugs, pretzel & cheddar cupid arrows and heart peppers will surely impress your Valentine.

What you need


Instructions for the pretzel cupid arrows:

1. Slice the cheese 1 cm thick (1/2 inch) and use the heart-shaped cutter to cut out the hearts.

2. For the feathers, you need 2 cm (¾ inch) pieces of square cheese. Trim a v-shape into the bottom. Trim the sides, so they are slightly narrower. You can cut parallel lines on top of the v-shape to make it look like feathers.

3. Prepare the hole in the cheese first by using a kebab stick or a small knife.

4. Carefully place the cheese onto the pretzel sticks.

Instructions for the Love Bugs:

1. Melt the dark chocolate.

2. Once the chocolate has cooled down a bit, add it to a piping bag.

3. Shape the chocolate heart faces onto the parchment paper. Top with candy eyes and a sprinkle for the nose. Pipe small feelers/antennae on top of the head.

4. Shape two more hearts for feet onto parchment. Place a strawberry on top and then allow to set. You may need to hold the strawberry in place for a few seconds.

5. Once the faces have set, add a little melted chocolate or edible glue on the back and place it on top of the strawberry until set.

Instructions for the Heart Peppers:

1. Lay the peppers flat against a hard surface.

2. Press the heart cutter into the front, but not so hard that it will go through both layers.

3. Lift the heart out using a little knife or toothpick.

4. Swap the hearts around so that the red peppers get a yellow heart and vice versa.


I've linke the candy eyes and heart cookie cutter in my Shop.