Prep Time: 60 min.

Give your everyday fruit a Halloween makeover with these terrifying Granny Smith treats. Using white chocolate, turn your apples into these fun ghost, eyeball, spider, skull, BOO, brain and skull creations. Choose any apples you like, or make these on rice cakes, cupcakes or Oreos. My kids adore them and you know what they say…an apple a day.

What you need


1. Halve the apples. Remove the core with a melon baller.

2. Melt the white chocolate. You can melt it in a bain marie, microwave or directly in a pot on low heat, just be sure to stir constantly. Place the melted chocolate in a bowl.

3. Ghost: Stick a toothpick into half an apple and hold it by the toothpick over the bowl. Use a small spoon to shape the wavy bottom of the ghost. Make sure the chocolate drips towards the uncovered end of the apple. Now spoon chocolate over the remaining apple and tap the fruit over the bowl so all the excess chocolate drips off. Allow to set on parchment paper. If you want, you can trace the wavy bottom of the ghost with melted dark chocolate.

4. Eyeball: Use a spoon and white chocolate to shape a circle (the iris) around the middle of an apple half. Cover the remaining apple towards the edge with white chocolate. Allow to set. Then, melt some dark chocolate and add it to a piping utensil or bag. Shape an outline around the iris, pipe the pupil and top with a white chocolate highlight.

5. Spider: Spoon white chocolate over the entire apple half. Top with three large candy eyes and sprinkles. Allow to set. Then, place it on top of a plastic spider. If you don’t have one, you can use pretzel sticks for legs.

6. Now, add the white chocolate to a piping utensil or bag.

7. BOO: Pipe the letters onto an apple half. If you want, you can trace around the letters with dark chocolate.

8. Brain: Create the brain details onto an apple half by making one thick line down the middle. Then, u-shape the chocolate to each side.

9. Skull: Shape the eyes and nose using white chocolate and then pipe around until you’ve created a skull shape.

10. Spiderweb: Pipe eight intersecting lines and then make two rows of curved web details from line to line.

Arrange your creations onto a platter. 


The piping utensil is linked in my Shop.