Prep Time: 25 min.

What better way to get your crudité platters looking festive than to make these joyful cucumber Christmas trees? Serve them at your holiday lunches with all your favorite veggies and dips. You can make smaller trees, too, if you use snack cucumbers and toothpicks. Perfect to include in December lunchboxes or as a healthy snack for Santa.

What you need

  • cucumber
  • snack cucumber
  • canapé sticks


1. Start by shaping the tip of a cucumber into a point.

2. Now, use a sharp knife to cut underneath the cucumber skin all the way around until the tip comes off.

3. Continue until you have several of these cucumber tips (you may need to reshape the cucumber into a point after you cut the tip off).

4. Place the first tip onto a canapé stick.

5. Cut a snack cucumber into small slices. You also need a thicker piece for each tree to use as a trunk.

6. Slide a piece of snack cucumber onto the canapé stick to hold the tip in place.

7. Add the next cucumber tip and then a slice of snack cucumber.

8. Finally, add the last cucumber tip and secure the canapé stick onto a snack cucumber base.

9. Serve.


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