Prep Time: 40 min.

I love these swirled carrot goldfish, which you can serve as is for your kids, but you can also top them onto a cracker with some cream cheese to make a fun appetizer for your next dinner party. That’s the thing I love about food art - with a few minor tweaks, it can work for most age groups.

What you need


1. Start by peeling the carrots.

2. Keep creating peels and trim them so they are approximately the same width.

3. Shape the peels into a tightly rolled center and loosen them toward to outer part of the fish.

4. Use the metal straw to make the carrot mouth.

5. Make the tail and fins with the small petal-shaped cutter.

6. Add candy eyes if you wish.


The candy eyes and petal-shaped cookie cutter I use are linked in my Shop.