Prep Time: 40 min.

The Hippo Family uses a few simple ingredients, perfect for birthdays, the 4th of July or New Year's.

What you need


1. Roll the marzipan out till it’s 5 mm. thick (0.2 inch).

2. Use the oval cookie cutter to make 8 oval pieces.

3. Place one piece on top of the other to make the face.

4. Top with eyes. You may need to secure them with edible glue, but marzipan is pretty sticky to begin with.

5. Top with the round chocolate sprinkles for the details on the face.

6. Use the round cutter to make the marzipan feet.

7. Cut these in half. This is now one set of feet.

8. Top with the white round chocolate sprinkles for toes.

9. Cut a triangle by hand out of marzipan for the hat, and top with nonpareil sprinkles.

10. Now remove the skin from the bananas.

11. Top and tail the fruit and arrange the hat, face and feet onto the bananas.


The cookie cutters and candy eyes are linked in my Shop.