Prep Time: 35 min.

A Christmas Angel Board is perfect for your holiday entertaining. Surprise the kids with this tasty snack platter in the run-up to Christmas, or serve it as a fun appetizer on the big day. You can use any cheese or vegetables you like, and even add dried fruit, fresh fruit and chocolate.



1. Mix all the ingredients for the dip: sour cream, onion powder, garlic powder, parmesan, sea salt and pepper.

2. Add the dip to a glass bowl for the angel’s face.

3. Slice the carrots and use a petal cutter to shape the carrot.

4. Cube the cheese.

5. Cut the cucumber into slices.

6. To make the halo, slice a large carrot thinly and shape it into a thin oval shape. Cut an oval shape out of the center.

7. To make the mouth, slice the side of a black olive.

8. For the eyes, halve a black olive and julienne trim into a curved shape for the eyelid and straight lines for the lashes.

9. Arrange the ingredients onto a board and top with the carrot halo.


The petal-shaped cutters I use are linked in my Shop.