Prep Time: 30 min.

Strawberries and whipped cream, but make it Christmas edition with these lovable Santa Snowy Owls. Add them to your festive platters and boards - I’m sure they’ll be a hoot.

What you need


1. Melt the dark chocolate.

2. Add it to a piping utensil / bag.

3. Cut a third of a strawberry.

4. Pipe the chocolate belt in the middle of the bottom strawberry, going around the whole berry.

5. Top with a yellow sprinkle.

6. Allow the strawberry to set standing.

7. Pipe the chocolate feet onto parchment. Once this has set, use a fork to make an indent (this will make it look more like the owl’s talons).

8. Whip the cream till it’s firm, add it to a freezer bag and close it.

9. Snip the corner of the bag.

10. Spray the cream on top of the bottom strawberry. The cream will be the owl’s face.

11. Stick on candy eyes and a halved yellow chocolate button for the beak.

12. Pipe the top strawberry with a dollop of whipped cream to make the Santa hats.

13. Arrange the feet underneath the owls.

14. Serve.


The piping utensil and candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.