Prep Time: 25 min.

The run-up to Christmas can be so slow, especially if you ask Mr. and Mrs. Festive Snail. While you wait, make these fun treats with marzipan and strawberries. Use apples, clementines, or plums if you can’t get your hands on strawberries. You can also shape the shell from marzipan and add some dragonfruit or beetroot powder to color it red.



1. Form a piece of marzipan into a square to make the snail's head. Round the edges slightly. Make it a bit smaller than the strawberry you are using. 

2. Shape the tentacles with marzipan and top with the silver balls. Attach them to the snail's head.

3. Stick the candy eyes onto the face. The marzipan should be sticky enough - if not, add some water to the back of the eyes. Top with a curved sprinkle for the mouth and round red sprinkles for the cheeks.

4. Form the snail’s tail using marzipan. It must be long enough to fit the head and the strawberry ‘shell.’ Squeeze the end of the tail together on one side to make it pointy.

5. Dollop a small bit of white icing (or a mini marshmallow) onto the top of the strawberries.

6. Attach the snail's head onto the front of the tail, followed by the strawberry shell. 

7. Serve.


The candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.