Prep Time: 15 min.

Give your holiday fruit a Christmas makeover with these easy Rudolph Clementines. Serve them as they are, or make a festive platter with the Rudolphs pulling an edible sleigh (use candy canes and a graham cracker for this). Either way, everyone will adore these fun, healthy snacks.



1. Wash and dry the clementines.

2. Wrap the twine around the clementines (to look like a sleigh harness).

3. Stick on the candy eyes and M&M nose with some edible glue.

4. Trim the chocolate pretzels so they resemble antlers.

5. Attach the antlers with edible glue or melted chocolate (if the glue doesn’t cut it).

6. Serve.


The candy eyes and edible glue is linked in my Shop.