Prep Time: 20 min.

These chicks are a simple and healthy Easter creation, which you can serve for breakfast, as a fun snack, or use as part of your festive tablescape (and then eat later).

What you need


1. Peel the avocados.

2. Halve the lemon and cut zig-zags along the midsection.

3. Remove the pulp.

4. Use the leftover peel to cut triangles for the beaks and trim a little piece for the top section.

5. Place the avocados in the lemon ‘eggs’.

6. Top with candy eyes and the beak. You can press them into the avocado slightly so they will stick.

7. Use a toothpick to insert the top feathers and serve.


If you are making this ahead of time, you can squeeze some of the leftover lemon pulp over the avocado. This will keep them from browning.

The candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.