Prep Time: 15 min.

Get Halloween ready in no time with this not-so-scary pumpkin platter. All ages will love to eat this gourdgeous fellow.


1. Peel the carrots.

2. Chop them into discs.

3. Place two small bowls of hummus for eyes on a platter.

4. Use the round cookie cutter to make cucumber peel eyes. Top with a bit of mozzarella for the highlights.

5. Arrange the carrot discs around the bowls and make a slight indent between the eyes so it resembles a pumpkin.

6. Place some cucumber slices for the stem.

7. Make the mouth using a long strip of mozzarella.

8. Serve.


I used avocado peel for the eyes, but cucumber peel would work better. That way, you can eat everything.

The round cookie cutter I use is part of a set and linked in my Shop.