Prep Time: 30 min.

This is the perfect creative and elegant appetizer for Halloween or Thanksgiving. If you prefer, you can skip candy eyes and make eyes using a metal straw, cheddar and sesame seeds.

What you need


1. Wash and then peel the carrots using the vegetable peeler.

2. Now make long strips of carrot, leaving you with several equally long, equally wide pieces. You may need to trim them slightly.

3. Lay the carrot peels vertically next to each other in a row. I had 9 in total.

4. Now, weave a piece of carrot peel horizontally over and under the rows. Move this piece to the top.

5. Repeat with a new piece, but go over where you went under previously, and under where you went over, etc.

6. Continue this way until all the intersecting pieces are in place.

7. You may need to push the pieces together to tighten the weaves slightly.

8. Place the round cutter on the pattern to press out the carrot shapes.

9. Slice the cucumber into discs. Dry them off on a piece of kitchen towel.

10. Top the cucumber with cream cheese.

11. Use some cucumber peel to shape a small rectangular stem. Place these on the top of the cucumber and cream cheese discs.

12. Now, top with the carrot shapes (I used a wide knife to lift them).

13. Add candy eyes.

14. Serve.


The cookie cutter and candy eyes I use are linked in my Shop.