Prep Time: 30 min.

It doesn’t get cuter than these adorable ghost crostini. You can add the tomato hearts or keep them plain - either way, they will surely be a hit.

What you need


1. Slice the bread and brush both sides with olive oil.

2. Grill the slices in a hot oven for 2-3 minutes until brown at the edges.

3. Allow to cool.

4. Slice the mozzarella.

5. Use the ghost cutter to shape the mozzarella ghosts.

6. Halve the olives and cut out the eyes and mouth with a metal straw.

7. Slice the grape tomatoes at a slant.

8. Halve each half through the middle.

9. Turn the two sets of halves around and match them together to resemble hearts.

10. Top the crostini with the mozzarella ghosts, the heart tomatoes and the olive eyes.

11. Use the petal-shaped cutter to make mozzarella arms and place these on the side of the tomato hearts.

12. Serve.


The cookie cutters are linked in my Shop.